Friday, June 18, 2010

Early local government practice in Bintulu

Some notes:
1) In 1947, the Bintulu " Local Treasury" was set up. This was part of the British scheme for the development of local government through local authorities with their own treasuries and with the passing of the Local Ordinance, the powers and responsibilities of the Bintulu Local Treasury were defined.
2) The basis of the local treasuries was a government grant of $5 a taxpayer and retention by the local authority bodies of customary taxes, against which they assumed responsibility for primary education and payment of chiefs' salaries.
3) Inadequate finance, a limited field of interest and a dearth of qualified staff resulted in disappointing early progress. On top of this, the authorities continued to suffer from disadvantaged of remaining primarily racial in character.
4) In 1959, a general election of representatives to Bintulu District Council was held ( besides other towns in Sarawak)
5) Council Negeri Sessional Paper 1/59 defined the ultimate responsibility of local authorities in the field of primary education and introduced a system of matching rate grants as a means of encouraging the extension of the rating principle in conjunction with generous central government capital grant and loan assistance.

The above points were highlighted by Mr. John Moods report and the extract was included in a special edition of the Sarawak Gazette Publication called " Sarawak Gazette Delima Edition", published by the Chief Minister's Office in 2003.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The coming of the Chinese in Bintulu early history brought in more inter-cultural exchange. However, exchanges done at the market place has resulted in a "plural society" and the meaning of transaction in monetary contractual terms. The Chinese 'habit' of gambling put transaction in a speculative context. Later, in modern history when democratic elections were carried out in Bintulu, stiff election campaigns can be affected by a market for betting on the outcomes of election results. Are they any studies on the effects of betting on local elections in Bintulu?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am inspired to start blogging about a proposed book that have made me thinking for quite a while now. Today while in Kuching I decided to create a blog on it. Entitled " Bintulu Perspectives", it will provide a balanced view about the history and development of Bintulu. The blog will attempt to record my thoughts as I progress on writing the book. More about this later. The book will provide a thematic treatment which could be grouped under Labels in the blog as per list below:
Themes Research Methods Chronology

Historical Snapshots Business growth Personalities

Local History Modernisation and Change Cultural Values

Social Problems Entrepreneurship Millenium Challenges